Florence String Quartet Call for Scores

We are glad to announce the decisions of the jury:
the performance by Accord Quartett goes to Mr. Luca Vago
the performance by La Scala String Quartet goes to Ms. Ines Lütge
the performance by W. Lutoslawsky Chamber Orchestra, in this case by the string quartet of the orchestra, goes to Mr. Miguel Farìas

The jury decided to assign a special mention to Mr. Federico Biscione and to Mr. Gianfranco Messina.
The performances of the 4 selected scores:
Miguel Farías: GÍRALE
Ines Lütge: 12 Pencil Sketches for String quartet
Luca Vago: Dredd
Stephen Yip: Luminosity Etudes
will be published by Archivi Musicali del XXI Secolo, Milano and the scores of the pieces will be published by Impronta Editions, Mannheim.

Thanks to all the participants and to the jury:
M° Marco Tutino (President of the jury, Italy)
M° Péter Mező (Hungary)
M° Massimo Polidori (Italy)
M° Andrea Portera (Italy)
M° Jan Miłosz Zarzycki (Poland)
Eliminatory phase:
M° Andrea Portera (Italy)
M° Xiao Hu (China)
M° Rita Ueda (Canada)
M° Andreas Lucas Beraldo (Switzerland)
Thanks to Ascanio Quartet and to Faminore Recording Studio.
Thanks also to the Town of Florence and to Ms. Cecilia del Re for the Patronage to this event.