Dante Xperience

The idea for the DanteXperience can be traced back to the great 19th-century Hungarian composer Franz Liszt himself, but only today can it be truly realized thanks to sophisticated digital animated 3D technology. Doré’s monochrome illustrations are processed with new colour and effects of movement to match the spectacular demands of the music and poetry and to involve the audience in a single multimedial experience.

At the centre of the performance stands Liszt’s monumental Dante Symphony for female choir and orchestra.

The images, synchronized with the music, are projected onto the maxi-screen placed behind the performers, while one or more actors recite the fragments of the immortal poem at the most significant moments. The whole action is enveloped in a fascinating play of lighting that also involves the choir placed above and to the side of the stage – just as the composer himself indicated.

The project has been created by the italian pianist and conductor Vittorio Bresciani.

Studiomusica Hungary is promoting the international distribution, in the special occasion of the 750th anniversary of Dante’s birth.